Platform Integration Development


The Editing H5P content section of the integration development page is blank.

I can create an edit page along the lines of what the Wordpress plugin does.
Great that looks good - see screenshots.

On Wordpress I can see what it does server-side when the update button is pressed.
Calls PHP function : H5PContentAdmin::process_new_content
But how is the data getting submitted when the update button is pressed?
Presummably invoking Javascript in h5p-editor-php-library taken from github - but how / where?

What do I need to call when my save button is pressed?
There is no form in the H5P iframe and that is wrapped anyway by my own form (like Wordpress does).

In Wordpress plugin h5p-editor.js

const $form = $('#h5p-content-form').submit(function (event) { 'Obvious' really!!