About developer access


Users are granted developer access by sending in an H5P content type, application or other library as an H5P file. The H5P file goes through a review process and when the H5P file has been approved the developer is given developer access to H5P.org and may publish and maintain content types and applications here.

How to apply?

  1. Create a new forum topic in this forum with the title of the H5P you want to get reviewed, a description and your content type as a link to a GitHub repository or attached as an H5P file.
  2. Respond to any feedback you get from our reviewers

Only your first H5P is reviewed. After that you may share new H5P content types on H5P.org without going through the review process.

I am new to this and I need more details on this in order to proceed

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Hi Melvin,

There are several documentations that may help.


Me gustaría poder crear mi propio contenido h5p para uso educativo.

Hi! This is a simple Content Type I built from Oliver Tacke's bootstrap code just to get familiar with the platform. It currently only allows you to create text inputs, and sends and xAPI startement onBlur for each one. I will be using this in Course Presentation to collect user data for a course that is public access, and likely adding to it over time. I'm not sure if you'll find it useful or consider it worth adding, but thought I'd submit it anyway.

H5P file: 

hello everyone i hoping these is easy to use

I am struggling to submit my documents. And what exactly do I need to apload. 

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Hi Sipho_Ntamane18,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you please elaborate? Some screenshots may help.