Interactive video plays automatically but this not set


We use interactive video on our learning environment. You can set from what time the video should start playing.

If you set this time, the video will start to play automatically from this time, but the setting 'Auto-play video' is not checked.

The video is added as a youtube video, by a link. Video start playin in chrome and Edge, but not in Firefox.


We want to set the the video should start, but we don't want that the start playing automatically.

When you don't not set the time (setting: start video at) then the video won't start automatically, when this setting is not checked.

We are on version: 1.23.1, 2023052600.

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I assume that this is caused by YouTube's API that potentially starts the video automatically if a start time is set. In that case, this exception would need to be handled in the code of H5P.Video/H5P.InteractiveVideo.