Add more language to codesnippet


I want to Add more language to codesnippet language selector.

swift and kotlin are the language that I would like to use. 

That will be the easiest way to implement that. 

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I am not sure if someone on the forum is going to grasp what you mean by "codesnippet language selector" regarding H5P and how Swift and Kotlin (there's no port of H5P Core to either as far as I know of) could be related.

If you are referring to the "syntax highlighter" here in the forum editor (the symbol with the yellow pen and the curly braces): That's part of the TinyMCE editor here on the site but has nothing to do with H5P (and Swift and Kotlin feel a little off on an H5P forum).

If you are wondering how you can add translations to H5P content types, then the post "How can I improve H5P translations" might help.