I have multiple h5p files for diff chapters of a course containing course presentation. Can i merge them into a single h5p file?

Hi, Greetings Community. I have been testing use of h5p in creating small courses. Based on our plans, I created separate h5p files for separate chapters of a small course. All the h5p files use course presentation and contain text, audio and video. One last chapter contains some quiz questions.

Now I am in need of merging all the separate chapters into a single h5p file so that the whole course can be viewed through one single scorm. Is it possible to do this merge in any way?

For reference, my course layout is like this:

Course: "Understanding hurricane and safety measures"
File 1: Basic understanding of what a hurricane is.h5p
File 2: How and Why a hurricane occurs.h5p
File 3: Basic precautions to be safe from hurricanes.h5p
File 4: Preparations for staying safe.h5p
File 5: Quiz

Now I am in need of creating a single h5p file that has all its contents merged. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi dpspch,

There is no way to combine separate slides of the Course Presentation into one. However, you can utilize the copy/paste feature to copy/paste individual contents so that at least you don't need to recreate them.


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I'd not say "no way", but manually merging the respective fields of the content.json files of the contents and copying the media (if any) might not be feasible enough.