Can't print all slides for presentation content type


I am having problem in printing the slides that I have created using the presentation in H5P. We are using Moodle 4.1.

When I try to print it only prints 7 pages and the last page is funky. There are 21 slides in the presentaqtion.

Can anyone help me on how to solve this problem..


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Hi vardhana.mistry,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of this bug unfortunately we do not have a fix yet. 


the problem is not there. I seem to be able to generate a PDF with all 32 pages of a 32 page presentation printed 2 to a page so 16 pages. I verified in the generated PDF. So maybe it was fixed? 


this seems to already be fixed, which is good news. 

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Hi musolinom,

You are right this was released Monday: