H5PxAPIkatchu (save only those entries which have "answered" verb).


Hello. I use H5PxAPIkatchu to capture and store h5p xapi statements.

I'm creating a course. A course unit (site page) can have 30-40 h5p exercises. When I load/refresh the page H5PxAPIkatchu makes an entry which has verb "attempted" for every single exercise on the page. It also makes "interacted" and "answer" entries. 

As a teacher I don't really need entries which say that a student "attempted" to do an exercise. Also it creates a lot of unnecessary information which has to be sorted/deleted manually because it is inconvenient when a teacher is looking for information they need.

I'm not an IT guy and I don't know how to code. Would you mind telling me is there a way to save entries with only "answered" verb, so there will be only students' answers stored, please. I would really appreciate it.

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As described in the plugin details: The idea of H5PxAPIkatchu is not to provide you with something like a gradebook, but it can be used as a tiny Learning Record Store. That's something different. And for the intended purpose, all the information pieces that are stored are relevant.

If you still think it's a good idea to use H5PxAPIkatchu as a gradebook, then yes, you can change that behavior. That's what the plugin's hook and filter system can be used for, but it requires some coding, see https://github.com/otacke/h5pxapikatchu#customizing