Errors When Uploading H5P file on WordPress

Hello! I'm trying to find a way to copy my H5P content from one WordPress account to another. I use the Reuse button and download the content as an H5P file. When I upload it on my second site, I get this error. 

H5P Upload Error

When I tried the same using the samples available at, the uplaod went smoothly and I did not receive any error. 

I would really appreciate any advice as I have about 100 activities to move from one site to another.

I'm also not sure if this is an H5P related error or it has to do with the security of WordPress. 

H5P Upload Error
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Hi nur.siyam,

I'm not sure what is causing this nor how to resolve it, however what I found out is that there are files that I've never seen before inside an .h5p file. In the attached SS this is the first time I have seen this .php files inside a downloaded content.



Do you think these files can be removed and then we can upload the content? 

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