Course Presentation does not allow me to edit.

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Hi Jose,

I assume you are creating/editing the content in If so we are aware of the issue and have reported this to the developers. We do not have any timeline on when it will be resolved.


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Hi Jose,

This should be fixed now.


Yeah is done Thanks!!!

We are having similar problem in Moodle with the mod_hvp 1.23.2 plugin and Course Presentation (1.25.9) / Course Presentation Editor (1.25.7)

Any idea how this could be fixed in Moodle?

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There is no update availible for Moodle Community plugin or for the content type.
All libraries are up to date and all content is on the highest version
Moodle => Workplace 3.11.9
HVP communityplugin =>2023061200
Course Presentation => 1.25.9
Course Presentation Editor => 1.25.7's picture

Hello team H5P,

I'm experiencing exactly this issue in the Moodle Workplace 3.11.6 environment I'm managing.

In all H5P course presesenations the Edit button is non-responsive. Which is currently hindering the learning developers of the 32 medical associations which I represent to create or edit H5P course presentation content. Which is a real pain, as H5P has a quite large adoption rate in learning content.

Together with our certified Moodle reseller we've researched the issue trying to resolve it. Updated to the latest H5P plugin. Updated all H5P libraries. But now we're stuck, as it seems it's a bug inherent to the current H5P plugin for Moodle.

We run mod_hvp 1.23.2    2023061200

Any information on a solution for Moodle for this bug is appreciated!

Best regards, Maarten

Hi we have the same problem as toni.kettunen in Moodle
We can't edit in Course Presentation.
The link refes to a Drag N Bar update in WordPress but we need a solution for Moodle
We are a premium Moodle Partner for The Netherlands.
We are working with :
Moodle Workplace version 3.11.9
mod_HVP version 2023061200
Course Presentation version 1.25.9
Course Presentation Editor version 1.25.7

Kind Regards
Frans Zwijnenberg

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Content type libraries are not different for different host platforms. You need Drag N Bar 1.5.22 regardless of running WordPress, Moodle, Drupal or whatever. It's the same everywhere.

Yes, this would ultimately need resolving on the H5P Hub, but installing the latest demo version of Course Presentation (while temporarily having set your H5P integration into development mode by setting `$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = 1;` in moodle's config) as outlined on the linked page should resolve this just fine.