Uncaught Error: Stored user state is invalid

Sorry for my english :

Some students can't see some exercices, apparently because some answers he made before are not ok now.

I've got this message with debugging : Uncaught Error: Stored user state is invalid

(information : I've upload the new version of my content type few days ago)

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I'm sorry about that. If you update and save that content it should invalidate all user states and start working again, but all users have to start from the beginning. I'll ask the right people to add a fix for this. Thank you for reporting!

Hi there,

we have the same problem. Is there a chance to fix that bug or to find out the probleme? 
Otherwise, I am not really familiar with H5P development. But as an developer I would try to fix it if you could help me if there is a possibilty of debug H5P content?

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Hi JustusDoerflinger,

You are replying to a post that is more than 5 years old. A lot of the information on this thread may not be applicable anymore. I would suggest that you open a new thread. And make that you provide as much information as suggested: https://h5p.org/forum/9


Thanks a lot for your answer. I just have to inform the 1204 users ^^

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Oh... I'm very sorry about that. We know to little about what features are being used. The save content state feature haven't had as high priority as it deserves.

You don't have to. Your work is amazing and it's so nice to use it like we want. It's really helpfull for my teacher job, and I can share this for many french teachers and students. 'Cause when I say 1204 users, it means 20 000 children. And it's free for everyone. 

So thank you again and again (and sorry again for my english)

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I'm glad H5P can be of use to you. H5P is open source, but that doesn't mean that we should have bugs like this. I'm always sorry when it happens. An H5P user should feel pretty safe that the system always work no matter whan he or she does. The good thing is that when something is missed in a release other community members helps by reporting the problems.

There are more and more people working hard to make our vision come true. Empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. 20 000 children is quite a lot. How are you using H5P? Are you representing a school? Perhaps we could write a small story about it and share it on social media or the news letter? People in the community know very little about who else uses H5P and how it is being used. I don't know much either, just that a lot of universities uses it and over 3 000 sites in total.


I'm not sure if my English allows me to properly respond to your message. So I use google translation, I apologize in advance for the mistakes .

I am a teacher but I develop websites for other teachers in primary school ( under 11 years ) . Some website with more than 150,000 students, but one that uses H5p is very new , but should appeal to many teachers. It's free, they can create their exercises and track the results of their students. It's perfect.


I forgot , here is the website : classe-numerique.fr If you want to test , here is a test account : id : testh5p PW : testh5p

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Great, thanks! Very nice.I'll be following that one to see how it goes. Seems very easy to use and you've already added a lot of content there. Would be great to get a story with images from there in the show case section of the forum. I'm going to start using Show Cases soon in an attempt to speed up H5P adoption and development even more.