Hello everybody,

At the end of the courses, I'll need to create a technical quizz for the learners.

My first question is : Can I mix differents activities ( fill, blank words, accordion...)  from H5P in the same quizz

An another question, I wish to create a simple page  wich be filled by learners with NAME/ FIrst NAME / COURSES / DATE , but I didn't find the way to do it. Somebody can help me on those items?

Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.

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Hi Patrick,

You can use Interactive Book to combine different content types in a signle activity. You can use Essay with the setting below to capture the information you mentioned: 

  1. Leave the "Keyword" blank

  2. Enable "Ignore scoring" to leave an impression that there are no right/wrong answers

However it may be better if you utilize a CMS or LMS for these information in combination with the H5P content. 


hello !!


great !

I'll try it


thanks a lot