Upload video with a 'Kaltura video URL' possible?

Dear readers,

I would like to create interactive video's or branching video for educational purposes.
Within my company, we use an enterprise video service called 'Kaltura'.

Does anybody know if it's possible to upload a video with a 'Kaltura video URL' instead of youtube or vimeo?

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Not currently, no. Someone would need to add a Kaltura handler for H5P video (just like the ones already present for HTML5 videos, YouTube, Vimeo and Panopto).


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your reply.
Who can add the Kaltura handler? Is it someone of H5P, from Kaltura or can anyone do it?

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H5P is open source software, so anyone can code another video handler and create a pull request (=ask to put the code into the official code base). There are pending requests for Echo360 and nanoo.tv as well.

The H5P core team will review those when they find the time, and then they can get released.

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This might help: https://kitchen.opened.ca/2020/08/04/switching-youtube-to-kaltura/

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Thank you, I will check it out :)