H5P platform as content library (LOR)

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Dear all

With respect to a feasibilty and POC to setup a learning object repository (LOR) from different content providers, I wonder if anybody has experience with offering H5P as LOR itself. Can content types be addressed as individual LTI links and even more has anybody investigated the possibility to build an common cartridge framwork on top of the H5P platform that can serve as a catalogue for available content without teachers need to look for content on the H5P platform itself?

Any advice or input would be highly appreciated!

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I have created some sort of a LOR for a publisher based on the H5P plugin for WordPress, yes - but that could be any H5P integration in theory. It didn't feature LTI though, and I would not want to implement that, because LTI support is one of the interesting features of H5P.com, and that's what generates revenue for H5P Group funding other developments around H5P.

You migth want to reach out to Sebastian Rettig of Lumi (https://app.lumi.education/). It's possible that he has implemented LTI support somewhere based on his node.js port of H5P and the modules built around that one.

Also, there's Edlib (https://github.com/cerpus/Edlib) created by Cerpus in cooperation with the NDLA. It's an H5P Integration for the sole purpose of hosting H5P content including some advanced content management features, but it is currently being refactored quite a bit in order to address different issues and does not feature LTI yet.

If it's just about finding content: H5P Group itself has created the H5P OER Hub (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9YWUjkRbjs&pp=ygULSDVQIE9FUiBIdWI%3D). It's intended to be a global repository for H5P content available to anyone. The H5P OER Hub can be activated on the H5P plugin for Drupal 7 and on the H5P plugin for moodle (not available on moodle's own custom H5P integration into moodle core) and on H5P.com. There's also code to add H5P OER Hub support for WordPress, but that has not been reviewed or released yet.


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Hi Oliver, thanks for your answer. How do I activate the H5P hub on H5P.com? I dont' notice any setting or is it not available yet. I'm quite ew to H5P, so sorry for maybe somewhere already explained question.

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To the best of my knowledge, the H5P OER Hub is active by default on H5P.com. You will see a "get shared content" button in the H5P Hub to reuse content, and there's a "share on OER Hub" option for content to upload it to the OER Hub.

If the OER Hub connection is not available for you (is this a trial account maybe?), then H5P Group would need to help you further.

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Hi All,

The OER Hub is not enabled by default in H5P.com. You can go to Manage Organization -> Organization Details then click edit to enable the OER Hub. 

If you need further assistance please send an email to our Customer Success team at [email protected].