Plugin (black icon) for Moodle 4.1.4 display problem

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Hi everyone,

I became aware of the problem after upgrading to the new version of the Moodle plugin (2023122300 - 1.26), but I checked a second installation on a different server, it has not yet been upgraded and realized that the problem is the same.

I use H5P (black icon) in Moodle 4.1.4.

Basically, until at least two days ago, H5P activities were displayed correctly whether embedded in a label or displayed directly by clicking the activity.

Now unfortunately, regardless of the theme used and the course format, H5P activities are displayed small, in an unreadable format, which does not change even if I select full screen view.

I have cleared the Moodle caches and deleted the browser history, but to no avail.

H5P activities are not displaying as it should.

Can you help me with this? It would be a nice Christmas present ;-)

Happy holidays to all.


Image 1: Displaying 2 errors

Image 2: Errors after HUB activation and registration

Image 3: Error on hub

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Seems the bug was just fixed ( I guess the corresponding plugin update will be released shortly.



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Hi Oliver,

Thank you and I agree fixes like this gets released faster than others. I just don't think I will get any confirmation from the dev team because of the holidays.

Happy Holidays!


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I confirm the release of version 1.26.1 (for Moodle). I installed it and it works very well.

Given the holidays, without trivializing and offending anyone, I can consider it a small Christmas IT miracle.

Any jokes aside, sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the people who processed the new release.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Hi everyone,
I downloaded the latest release 1.26.1 (for Moodle) and it works!

Given the holiday season, without being trivial or offending anyone, I can consider it a small Christmas IT miracle.
Joking aside, a big thank you to the people who worked during this period, for solving the problem.

I wish you a happy holiday season.

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ST released it earlier already (