Image Juxtaposition Example


I want to use the Image Juxtapositon to compare pics. If I use it in Lumi oder WP-editor I can only compare two pics. In the examle with the Hubble telescop pics are two pics and then you may switch to another side with two new pics.

I try to reuse the example but then I get only the first two pics without an option to go to the next two pics. What has been used in the example to switch from the first pair of pics to the next pair of pics?

Agamotto works in the Interactice Book-module. Image Juxtaposition not. What I have to do to switch from one pair to the next pair in Image Juxtaposition?

Thnx for tips,


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Hi Jens,

The next pair of pics is a totally separate content. In other words the example is a combination of several separate contents added in one page. This cannot be created using only H5P but a combination of features of a CMS (in this case Drupal) and H5P.


Hi BV,

thnx for your answer.

Ahhh... made on Drupal. Did you know whether this works on wordpress too?

I solved my problem with agamotto and interactive book. You can see it here (the last module on the site)


But the pics in agamotto are very big. There is no option to make them smaller. Agamotto shows also pics with less resolution in this agamotto-size ;(



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Hi Jens,

I assume there is a way to this in WP as well although I personally don't know how to.