how to import results into wordpress


I use wordpress to create my exercises and then I put the iframe in thrivecart for the user.

But I don't get any results in the wordpress results page.

I want to export results into an other application (java script)

Can you tell me how to do this?

Thank you


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When you embed H5P content on a different site via an iframe, you cannot retrieve the xAPI statements that the results they are based on. This could raise privacy implications otherwise.



oh dear! ok 

What if I ask the client to authorise them?

If not, does that mean it only has to be on my wordpress site? thanks!



I asked a developer to export the results of exercises done on Thrivecart, but he asks me where the results are.

I understand better.  :D

That's sad ...

There's no other solution because Thrivecart learn is top notch!

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Thrivechart (or any other site where content is embedded) has no part in this at all, that's where the privacy issue would arise otherwise. 

OK Merci.
Donc pour être certain de bien comprendre il n'y a que sur mon site wordpress sur lequel sont créés mes exercices que je peux récupérer les résultats ?
merci !


OK thanks.

So to be sure I understand correctly, is it only on my WordPress site where my exercises are created that I can retrieve the results?


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Unless you modify the code: yes.


I would like to export my results from the games I made on Wordpress. I installed SNORDIAN's H5PxAPIkatchu but I don't see the "time" field.

This is a competition where I compare the time it took to do this exercise

Waiting for a response

Thank you

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The xAPI property that holds the time required to complete the exercise is called "Duration" as part of the "Results" and uses ISO 8601 notation, cmp.

Dear All, I was checking some commercial interactive video platforms and came across a nice feature MindStamp and Clixie Ai can have chapters and, based on user inputs, can jump to a specific chapter.Was wondering how we can do the same in H5p.

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Have tried the "adaptivity" options in Interactive Video? Or the "Crossroads"?