[BUG] Find The Words checking animation not working


Find The Words checking animation not working when we change a translate and remove variables.

You can check this on altedu.pl - for example, you can find a "deploy" word. Time works but user are not able to check word. After finish quiz, points are correct.


Steps to reproduction:

1. Create a new Find the words game

2. Change translations and remove a few or all variables - attachement.

3. Save game and check on live site.


This appears on Firefox 126.0.1 (without any plugins) and Chrome 125.0.6422.142 (only Awesome Screenshot plugin). Desktop (I don't know that on mobile also, probably). WordPress 6.5.4




Sorry for quality but app for record weird working on QHD screens with curver monitor ;)

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Find the Words was not developed by the H5P core team, but by an external contributor who abandoned the content type. I fear there is nobody who is going to investigate this.