The solution star replaced by a square

Hi there,

The solution star has been replaced by a square. It used to work well

but it doesn't anymore. I guess I've done something but I can't find what.

Any clues? Thanks very much. Nathalie

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Sounds like the font that produces the star is missing. Could you provide a link to a page where this is happening?
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Sorry, unable to create account/login :/

What do you mean? Have you ever come across that problem? 

It should be ok now. Your access was blocked. I didn't know you could get into my H5P remotely ...

Please keep me posted, will you? Thanks Falcon. 

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I don't remember what e-mail/username I used last time I tried. Perhaps you could send us login info for an account that has access to the H5P that has the problem?

OK. Go on   Log in falcon The password in falcon An exercices is waiting for you ;-)

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It looks like the access to the font has been restricted. If i try to visit it directly I get Access Denied:

While other resources appear to work fine:

I'm guessing that web server does not have permission to view that folder, or that the web server is configured to block it. 
I would check the permissions of the files/h5p/libraries/FontAwesome-4.5 folder and possible give other users the read permission (chmod o+rX in terminal). Check the permissions of the other folders for comparison.

I hope this helps you out.