exercices don't show up


I have created several question set with fill in the gaps. Oddly enough, the erxcices don't appear in the preview. 


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Hi, H5P currently don't support preview :/

OK. But  mean it's the same when i PRESS "start the lesson"   ;-) . It's as if I had not posted anything. So weird... Please have a look at the screenshots. 

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Could you give me (the falcon user) access to that content to test? If not you could press CTRL + SHIFT + J to open your console and look for JavaScript error messages.

Where exactly in the H5P exercice should I press CTRL+SHIFT+J, please? 

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At the page where the question doesn't appear when it is supposed to.

I think I understand where the problem comes from. The question set I wanted to create is made of several "fill in the gap" questions report to a different text image for each question. I guess we can't do that because I've created the same questions but outside the "question set" option and both the text image and questions appear. 

Here's the message when I click on Preview. 

Thanks in advance for your help.