xAPI and Moodle - some questions

Some questions about how the Moodle integration is being carried out

1) Will the development of H5P for Moodle result in an xAPI server linked to the Moodle gradebook?

2) Will there be documentation to show the mapping between xAPI asertions and the effect on the gradebook?

3) Will the xAPI server (assuming there is one) be usable other than by H5P packages?

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Good questions, I'll try to answer them:

  1. No
  2. Didn't plan to, but that is probably a good idea. It looks for statements with the results.completion flag set to true and records the score and max score in that statement.
  3. There is no xAPI server. H5P only makes xAPI statements available and it is up to the system that uses H5P to handle them. There are LRS plugins developed by the community for WordPress and Drupal. In Moodle there are already plugins capable of sending statements to an LRS so it now just needs to be able to fetch H5P's xAPI statements and send them to the LRS as well.