Scores in Drag and Drop

New to H5P, but pleased with its possibilities. I created a drag and drop exercise with 6 tools, where the texts had to be dropped on the picture zones. It seems to work fine, only the scores remain 0 outof 1, even if all of them had been placed correctly. Also the texts receive a red x - mark, which suggests that they were placed wrongly, even though they weren't.

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Often when this happens the author haven't provided the correct answer when making the task. When you double click the moveable alternative you provide where it should be possible to move it. When editing the hotspots you provide the correct answer(this is often missed and will be improved). If this didn't help please share a link to a task where the problem occurs.

thanks. I checked all the target zones and they seem to be correct (see scores-error02.png). The option "give one point for the whole task" is left unchecked. (scores-error3.png). The site page is live on  DIVI-incorporation problem???

Thanks for looking into it.

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Just checked your task and there are no correct elements set for the drop zones. When you edit the draggable hammer text check all the dropzones so that it can be dragged anywhere. When editing the hammer drop zone you should select the hammer text as the correct answer.

So you need to first edit all the texts and choose all the drop zones for all of them. Then edit all the drop zones and choose the correct text for each of them. Not very intuitive, I know. Will be fixed.

Thanks a lot! That solved it. Not easy to implement a logic that works for everyone immediately :) ! A great module!


Sorry I was a little too quick in thinking that things were fine. I had tried a sesssion where all were correct and the score indicated 6 outof 6.

However, as soon as one or more drops had been false the score would show  0 outof 6.  Another issue is the retry-button. It only shows when the score is not 6/6. There does not seem to be a straightforward way of resetting  the exercise after a full (6/6 here) score. ther is no retry-button.

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For each alternative that is misplaced one point is subtracted from the score, but the system never gives a negative score. So 3 correct and 1 wrong gives 3 - 1 point = 2 points. 2 correct and 3 wrong gives 2 - 3 = -1 points, but since -1 is negative it gives 0 points instead. Could this be the explanation?

There is no reset on full score by design :/

Thanks. Yes, that seems to be the way it works. I have a background in education and would have preferred a simple  number right outof  total.   Having 4 right and 2 wrong, producing 2 outof 6 would not be a typical way for teachers to mark papers, I think. Also i.e. 4 right, 1 wrong and one not done, would give you a score of 3 outof 6 where you're not "punished" for  leaving one choice undone. And 0 outof 6 for any negative outcome is not very instructive.

As to the reset. That would be handy for a situation where more than one person is required to use the same computer or if the same person would like to come back at a later stage and do the same exercise once more. Even having switched of the computer, the same filled-in screen would re-appear. 

I cannot easily see the disadvantage of allowing users to restart after a perfect score.  Maybe it could be called "Clear", rather than "Retry". 

Anyway, these are simply some of my thoughts. I can see many good applications for this module.

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The number right of total would be my preference as well, the problem is that in many cases it would allow for cheating. You can for instance have a task where you are to drag all subjectives into the box. If there were no punishment you could drag all the words into the box and always get everything correct even if you actually dragged some wrong alternatives into the box as well.

right, not easy to  accomodate all possible needs. Could you not make an other variable available,  e.g.  @right for website managers to use?  Also a choice as to maintaining the retry/reset button would really be appreciated. Then implementation would be more requirement sensitive. Success!

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Sure, H5P is a community driven project so it might be that someone picks up on this and improves it quickly. In Joubel we're considering to make a brand new drag and drop question type, but we will first do Accessibility upgrades to the current one and we might be implementing some relevant fixes here as well when we're at it. Good feedback!

Prefer to focus on didactic applications, but may be prepared/needing to start coding again (Flash & VB(a) 10-15 years ago). Will solve the current situation with instructions to users on how the score is worked out and as to the need for a reset by folowing the following steps: 1. Press F5 (to clear the cache). 2. Move one dropped object away from its target. 3: Check again. 4: Retry.  Should clear the screen for the nest user.  Thanks for your interaction.


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Ok, good, there will be an info box in the next version or the version after that explaining the scoring by the way. It has been implemented just not rolled out yet.