How to hide "Display as" select list?


I would like to hide "Display as" select list.
My idea was to replace select list with some kind of 'hidden' field value (like I usually do in html).
But there is no 'hidden' field type in the h5p semantics.
Could you clarify how I can reach my aim? should I use CSS?

UPD. I'm talking about "Display As" select list in the "Add interactions" section of "Interactive Video Editor".

Is it possible to add class name to the h5p widget?

UPD2. I've used CSS to hide it. It's not the best practice on my opinion because that select list doesn't has particular class name, so I ended up with a long CSS rule.


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At the moment you probably can use "h5p-image-radio-button-group" in the css, it is a quite special type that I don't think we use anywhere else. It might start hiding something that shouldn't be hidden in the future, but a long selector probably has a high chance of not working in the future.

Also I think you can try to add the deprecated property in semantics, I would guess there is a 20 % chance that it works, but if it does it will be a better solution. (It would work for most field, but that field is a bit special)