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We are currently using the Grassblade LRS connected to a Wordpress website with the Grassblade companion plugin being used to send our statements to the LRS from a range of content, including items generated in H5P.

One issue we are having with interactive video, is the "experienced" statement is generated from the H5P content when the page loads, as opposed to the user playing the content. Does anybody know of a workaround for this in the content settings?

Completion of the interactive components and the video itself work as expected - we're just trying to avoid people getting credit for loading the page as opposed to actually commencing the content!


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I don't think H5P uses the experienced statement at all. Maybe Grassblade is triggering this statement on H5P's behalf?

Thanks for your reply, after revisiting the coverage you're 100% correct. It looks like grassblade is adding this coverage when the shortcode/assed is loaded.

If only H5P used the "attempted" verb on the commencement of the interactive content:

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H5P does use the attempted verb on the commencement of all content that has questions in it.

Thanks for clarifying.

I would have thought that "attempted" would have been useful for all content regardless of questions, as each question type looks like it has both "interacted" and "answered" respectively.

Always learning!

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Yeah, talking to LRS people it seems attempted is only supposed to be used if it is testing the user some how. Other verbs are used for content types that doesn't contain questions.

Thanks again, still getting my head around the logic of each statement and their application. Still seems out of place for "experienced" to be the statement for content as it's loaded, not commenced. But I guess that goes right back to counting "Page views/impressions"  vs what is actually viewed...

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Yeah, ideally there should be a verb when the user starts experiencing and another when he is done, but that isn't always possible :/