French translation done

Hi there !

Long time no see ! The end of the school year hase kept me very busy. But I've managed to translate to french the main Wordpress / H5P language file from the latest upgrade (using the wonderful WP plugin "Loco Translate"). I've done my best to translate some technical strings that didn't make much sense out of context. I hope this will be allright. Here are a few notes :

- I've kept english for the Common CC copyright stuff and for the word "slug" that is linked to Worpress.
- I had trouble in translating the word "restricted" which is used on the librarie's page. I don't know what it refers to...
- Also I think that some word is missing in this english string : "Error, could not library semantics!"

You'll find the .MO and the .PO in the attached ZIP. I will be translating the default strings from the content types directly now via Github ;)


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Hi Isabelle, I was worried about you. Considered putting out an APB :) You've noticed that most of the things that you've pointed out are fixed in the latest release?

Glad to get the French updates. Also glad you guys allowed Iceland to win the second half yesterday.

icc will let you know when the translation files have been added to the plugin.

Hi Falcon !

Sorry I didn't catch your reply earlier ! I'm glad the school year is over so that I could find time to come here and prevent you from putting out an APB ;)

I haven't had much time to test the latest H5P release actually since I've been busy translating H5P and Watupro to french. But I've read the changelog and indeed most things that I've pointed seem to be fixed : thank you guys for your hard work !

I'm not much of a football fan myself but I confess that I became quite attached to the cheerful Iceland fans here :) I feel sad that they can no longer be part of the game... as opposed to us "en route" towards the championship : watch out tonight's game because France will finally prevail upon Germany (says my husband at least ;))



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Hi Isabelle!

You've done a great job translating. You've done a great job translating. Must be our top commiter this week :)

I'm not a big football fan either. Only watched the Iceland vs. France game, Iceland being quite close to Norway, Vikings and obviously very small it added an extra dimension to it.

Will be rooting for France tonight.


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Your translations have been added in 1a63080, thank you again!

You are more than welcome ! I'm glad I could contribute to H5P in some way ;)

This translation will probably need some adjustments in the future though, mostly for the technical stuff related to the libraries and updates error messages which are not easy to translate when they are taken out of context.

I hope that this will help H5P to "grow" in France among the educative community :)