I can't clone any content on H5P

Hi !

Just want to let you know that I can't clone any content on H5P.org. No matter which content type I select, when I click on the "Clone" button, I get this message : "Error, unable to load libraries" (see screencap attached).

Thanks for your help !


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Jikes, that used to work right? It probably works to clone your own content? But not content created by others?

We will look into this quite quickly. We didn't notice this since it is still possible for us admins to clone any content on H5P.org

You are right : I can duplicate my own content (I've just tried and succeeded) but not the content from the "examples & downloads" page for instance. I don't know if it used to work before actually (maybe it has never worked and I've just found about that ;)).

This is not a big deal, really. However I think that this feature can can be useful for new users : by cloning a H5P premade content, they can use it as a starter to test the H5P tool or/and as a template to create their own content next.



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Got messed up in the last release, fixed now! Thank you again for reporting it.

I would like to be able to clone a premade activity to change the language.  Is there a way to do this easily?

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On H5P.org there is a "clone content" button when looking at an H5P, if you push that button it is cloned. Are you using H5P on your own site?