video player not found for interactive video


I really liked making youtube videos interactive using the H5P interactive Video tool, but when I tried to do this with our streaming service(Kanopy) H5P returns the error " Found no video players that supports the given video format."

Is there any hint or workaround known for this?




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I am not familiar with Kanopy, but if there is a way to access the video file directly, then you should get that and paste it inside Interactive Video. If not a video integration towards Kanopy API must be implemented.

Thanks Thomas, Kanopy is a streaming video service and I can cut and paste a url for a video but then H5P doesn't recognise it. Funny as it works fine for YouTube...


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YouTube have a special API which Interactive Video uses to control the video. I don't believe Kanopy has this, and if they do someone will probably have to spend a couple of days implementing support for it.
If you get a direct link to the .mp4 source of the 
video, Interactive Video should be able to play it. 

Also, some services, like Vimeo for instance, does not allow people to use other players for their videos without paying a premium(Vimeo Pro). Make sure you check their legal terms.

I see...maybe our Uni can put this into a desired functionaility request to H5P

thanks again

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Certainly, it would be nice to gain support for more video services.

You can use the contact form linked to at the bottom of the page if you wish to get in touch for a quota.