Wordpress 3.9 and examples not working as tutorial

It mention in your tutorial to save the node/questions, but there is no save button, just an update button, which works just some of the times.

I have the latest updated version of your framework and no jquery errors or javascript erros reported.

I have managed to only create 12 questions (multiplechoice) after hours of attemping to add to a question set or edit a set, it just does not want to save, either by adding a new question or updating after an edit or updating!!!!

The Retry button do not show up although << >> buttons do in the player.

This plugin looks like it has potential, but the admin, entering question is sluggish, slow and erratic, rendering it pratically useless unless one has self harm tendenciess..

Where in the database can i enter the questions manually? whilst wating for your help to above problem

Many thanks

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The problems you are facing are not familiar to us. Where are you hosting your wordpress site, and what web-browser are you using? I've never experienced that the save/update buttons doesn't work on any platform.

If you could provide us with an author user account through the contact form for instance we could have a look at your site and try to figure out what is going on with it...