Industrial automation 2


As my old example dont work any more (due to revisions of H5P) I will post some new demos. This time I'm using H5P embedded into Google Sites, and the content is related to the norwegian vocatonal education program "VG2 automatiker" and "VG2 elektriker". (Elenergi)

Im using Google Sites and wordpress as alternetive "media" to show the content if there should be a problem with screen resolution, etc for the Google Sites alternative.

For my first post I used automatic generated static html as a framework for embedding. This apeared to be "not so smart" as when the H5P format for embedding changes the old modules did not work anymore. I guess this will not be a provlem anymore, when using Google Sites. 



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Very nice Arne,

Great examples of how H5P may be used, thanks a lot for sharing!


It's probably a trivial question for some, but could you explain how the iframe was done so the Google site only shows the H5P and not the rest of the Wordpress page it is hosted on.



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It looks like Arne is using the embed-option H5P offers. Below each H5P, there is an embed button. Clicking this makes it possible to get an embed code to include on other web pages.