Integration of H5P activity into Mediawiki application

Is it possible to integrate a H5P activity into a Mediawiki application? Or can I only use H5P with Moodle, Drupal or Wordpress?

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You may use the embed option. I.e, click the embed button below each H5P and copy the html. Then paste this html into the page you want it to be displayed. I have not tested this for MediaWiki, would be nice if you let us know if it works :)

Another option is to create an integration for MediaWiki, but this is quite a big task.

Unfortunateley, there's no "embed button" below my H5P video. There are only two buttons: "Download" and "Terms of conditions".


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Which site are you creating the content on? Moodle? If so, external embed is not supported due to the courses and access permissions.

If you are using Drupal or WordPress it should be possible to enable the embed button when editing the content or through the settings form for the plugin.

Alright, thank you very much!



In 2024, what is the state of art about Wikimedia intergration? Does it work? (and how does it work ?)

Should we be careful of some limitation or roadmap evolutions?

Thank you by advance.

Sophie Ricci from France