Mark the words, score zero for duplicate words

Hi Falcon

I have been playing around with the 'Mark the words' feature.

Currently we can add an *aterix* sign to mark the the words that require marking. Any words not marked with the * results in a negative mark if additional words are checked.

I have a paragraph that requires words to be checked. Is there a way to mark duplicate words with a different character, so as to omit the word from the marking process?


The *eyes* of a shark are made for seeing underwater where the light may be very dim. Their (eyes) are very sensitive to light and shadows and to movement. This helps them to hunt for prey in the dark.

Many Thanks

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This is not possible at the moment, however I think it is an interesting use case. Your best shot at getting this implemented is to write a complete specification in the "feature request" forum or in the issues part of the github repository. This way it is more likely that a developer might notice it and become inspired to create it.

Thanks Thomasmars

I will defiantely do that.