Organizing and locating the exercises


I've just created about 10 exercises with different content types of H5p (fill in the blanks, memory game...). When I go to the dashboard in Wordpress and I click onto the H5P Content menu, I can see the list of all the exercises I created. I can see in the upper information row: the title, the content type, the date of creation, the last modified date and the author. The problem is that it’s difficult to locate an exercise that was embedded in a page when many exercises have been created, so it would be nice to add an "id" in the information row  with the same id number related with the tag  (Ex: [h5p id="5"]) that shows up in the text editor. 

It would be also appreciated to be able to create directories in the section "All H5p content" instead of having a very long list of exercises. For example, one could create a directory called "Unit1" and inside to put all the exercises into the unit. The exercises would be more easily located, but I don't know if that system is possible in Wordpress.

Thank you for your great work.


When I said "directories", I meant "folders".

Thank you.

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I've created a couple of issues in our internal case tracker based on your suggestions. Hopefully we'll be able to atleast add the ID column pretty soon next year.

We would appreciate it a lot if you'd let us learn more about what you're building by adding a showcase story here in the forums.

Thank you for your answer, Falcon. 

I will try to put some exercises in the showcase story during these weeks.

In the upcoming April release, you will be able to add keyword tags to H5P content in WordPress. The release is just around the corner :)