What wordpress themes are you using?

Hi, can any users out there suggest a theme that is known to work fully (as near as) with H5P content? I know that the site has to support jquery...but even those that do (such as Flathe) have trouble with certain content types. So please, if anyone is using a wp theme and it is working like a charm..please let me know!

It'd be a good idea anyway wouldn't it?  If the makers of this wonderful resource can recommend a selection of known 'bug free' wp themes?

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, so there are problems with many themes it seems? What are the main problems? Font sizes, positioning?

Today interactive video and coursepresentation are run in iframes and should be problem free. Maybe we should make all content types be displayed in an iframe by default?

It's no surprise there are teething problems....however, why not make a H5P theme for wordpress.....? Or if there is a bright spark out there who builds themes, perhaps get one built for you....I think it makes sense....that way, those of us who value the content types over and above the design of a site can happily use H5P without any grief...:-)


Cheerio and thanks.

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Yeah, maybe :)

But we would prefer making H5P compatible with all or atleast most themes. What symptoms are you experiencing with the Flathe theme? 

I fully understand the desire to make H5P compatable with as many popular themes that exist...that makes complete sense to me. However, if you look at it from the perspective of a non-programmer/punter who wants to showcase your work (edited of course so that it reflects the purpose for which we are using it) and offer it as a 'solution' to their e-learning needs, then perhaps you can see the necessity of having a theme that just works with ALL of the H5P content types.  What I am experiencing in some of the content is that it simply does not show on the page - it appears in the editing window of the H5P plug in (if you know what I mean) and that is all. Yu and a colleague have kindly explained to me that it is to do with the jquery and the order that the script loads etc etc and I really do thank you for explaning that to me.  However, I just want to show the content types and not spend time programming them or fault finding.  It's not that I wouldn;t if i could, i simply can't. Also, I don't have the time, my work is in providing educational content and I (like everyone else it seems) am rushed off their feet trying to survive!

As I said, your product is fantastic and I am sure that it will go far.....I was just trying to determine the easiest and most direct course of action for me to show all of your content types to my colleagues - regardless of what theme it is in.  I can't do that at the moment and I am happy to use the theme that is most compatable, just so that I am able to showcase your work. In another post I saw mention that the default theme (twenty fourteen) works - so i will go and test that later today.

Good luck.

P.S There's nothing wrong with asking users to post details of the theme they are using...if you guys ask then maybe more people would offer up this information.

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Thanks a lot for explaining this to me. It should work in the default theme. Our developers have tons of experience with Drupal and we're catching up on Wordpress. We didn't know that Wordpress themes were so different and we didn't know about this problem before you contacted us, so thanks a lot for that! We'll be spending some time now making sure that we work on most or all wordpress themes. Our plan for other CMSs and LMSs is to have other companies develop the H5P plugins for those plattforms but Wordpress is so big that we want to do the plugin ourselves.

I've upgraded your H5P user now so you may also use the test-drive feature on the front page of H5P.org to create any type of content for your collegues to see.


First of all, thank you mate..for upgrading me so that I can see the test drive features. Personally, I am happy to us wordpress, joomla or any other quality CMS...so if things drag on I may just jump over to joomla...

In fact, I have just installed the defualt theme (twenty fourteen) and it still won't work! I have disabled all the plug ins and so the fault must be wordpress/H5P compatability..especialy for the Boardgame content.  I meant to say that not all the H5P content have problems. Some of them load lovely and I have no problem at al...here is a list of H5P content types that work under the Flathe responsive theme and those that don't...maybe that would help a little.

( some clarification: I have two sites I am testing on..one with Flathe and the other with default)
works on Flathe

  • Dialogue Cards
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Flash Cards
  • Image Hotspots
  • Memory game
  • Multiple Choice
  • Question Set
  • Summary

Broken - the games simply fail to load at all.

  • Boardgame
  • Drag and Drop
  • Interactive video
  • Picture Slider
  • Presentation
  • Timeline

Later, if you guys think it worthwhile I could do the same test on the default theme....but please tel me if this is a waste of time...:-)  Good luck and thanks again!!!! Mick



I am using 2012 as my default theme. (2014 is much to new.)

I havent noticed that there is a problem to make any of the H5P modules to work. I think all
of them worked for me. A few weeks since I made the testing but can not remember any

But there were some of them that required aditionalt "tweeking" of Wordpress and Lamp/Wamp

Here is for eksample a test of the interactive vide module that is just cpoied over as a "system test"

The reason it loads a bit slow is that it is running on av web hotel that is allmost free.


I could really make very good use of that content type right now!!!! 

Looks geat and will have many applications.

cheers, Mick

I tried to change theme to twenty-fourteen to se if it still worked, and it does.
The web page is set up only at a system test and does not contain "usable" material,
except for that downloaded from h5p.org

But I can see that I have installed the advanced iframe pluging and the raw html module as well, and that might be a part of the explanation why it work. I have not tried to disable them yet.

System test with Wordpress 4.0 / Theme: 2014:



Funny, i changed the site to 2012 and it still doesn't work. I installed the advanced iframe and also the raw html plug ins and activated them BUT I have not looked at them or made any changes at all....I'm not entirely sure what they do and how to use them at the moment. I will look at them later today if I get some time.


Thanks again.

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This helps a lot thanks! The content types that aren't working are the ones that uses iframe. I hope we'll be able to release a new version of Wordpress now in December that fixes these issues.

Catching up on this thread: I second above opinions that a H5P-theme would be a very smart thing you should do. A theme with builtin H5P, much like a framework. All tested and streamlined, error-free. Then users may create child themes outof it, much much easier. Put the theme in WP.org repository and you'll have instantly alot of testers and you'll have a much more polished product faster.

Hi I'm just setting up my own Wordpress theme but when I tested inserting h5p content it doesn't show up. When I swap to one of the default themes I can see the content. Any ideas on what I should be looking at? Thanks Jorgen

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Hi Jorgen,

Checking errors in the browser logs may give you a clue on what changes are needed for H5P to work with your theme.


Hi and thanks for that. I got it working when I started from the underscore theme and replaced index, header, footer, style and functions.php with my own...not sure what the underscore theme is adding then...I renamed the subfolders in the theme too and h5p is still working so my conclusion is that I don't get it but it works ;)


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Hi Jorgen,

Since there are countless themes available it's really daunting task to have H5P compatible to all them but I'm glad got it working. 


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Hi! I noticed the contents created by plugin H5P stopped being visible on live site when I updated the theme on my website (Education Base Pro). Upon further checking, I found the cause is outdated jQuery -- and I had to install https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/ to resolve it. Can you check and update the jQuery accordingly? Thanks!