Unable to add Courst Presentation to Wordpress site

I installed H5P and uploaded the default library but it did not contain the Course Presentation content type. I have downloaded clones of the Course Presentation example several times but my WP site will not upload/install it. I successfully uploaded/installed most of the other examples. Is there something different about the Course Presentation content type? Can I upload/install it using the File Manager instead? 



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I suggest grabbing the latest official release of packages from the libraries page, this should resolve any dependency issues you should have. Also make sure you have the latest version of the H5P plugin for wordpress. If you are still experiencing problems please check your console (ctrl + shift + i to brin it up in Chrome) to see if you have any errors that needs to be resolved.

Thanks. After perusing the discussions, I discovered my problem is the upload limit in PHP on my web servers. I recently switched to GoDaddy hosting and belatedly found they are very restrictive in giving access to PHP on WordPress sites. Their default is to limit files to  2 MB and I cannot get access to php.ini to change that. The Presentation module was about 2.4 MB and that was why it was not uploading properly. I deleted much of the content from the example Course Presentation and was able to get it below 2 MB; that truncated version uploaded and installed OK. But I still cannot upload the entire library due to this 2 MB PHP limitation.

Thanks for responding.