Drap and drop displaced

I have H5P hosted on Opigno. When the items to be dropped are sometimes on the side, sometimes lined up below. Then, when we drag and drop, the items go on top of each other. See attachments. Would somebody understand what the root of the hick up, please? 

Thanks in advance


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Hi could you please reattach the screen shots. I don't think they're showing up.

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Hi Nathalie, I believe this is due to the difference in screen widths. For smaller widths, the answers line up on the bottom of the screen.

Timothy, I have tried out with a full screen width and the issue remains. See attached additional screen shots. Thanks for your help. 


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Hello Nathalie, 

I think this is due to Opingo's implementation of H5P and if you are able to, I suggest that you contact them.

Have a go at creating a 'Drag Text' content type within a 'Question Set' here on h5p.org and you will see it looks quite different. 

Let me know how it goes,