Some content types missing in drop-down menus


I have been creating some content and I haven't found both the drag and drop type and the Question set type in the "select content type" menu. I have solved this issue cloning those types from the examples page, but I guess there is a better way.

On the other hand, I would like to create a large question set with different question types but:

- I can select only four content types when creating a new question, and I hope there would be more available (drag and drop, find the hotspot?).

- Is it possible to upload a previously created activity and "insert" it into the question set? It would be great to being able to create question libraries.

Thanks for everything, this tool is awesome!!


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The following content types are currently available inside Question Set:

  • Multi Choice
  • Drag Question
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Mark The Words
  • Drag Text

I have now given you access to use all of these content types here on

Thank you!!

I will begin working right now!!

Is the Question Set type going to be available generally on the site in the near future or do we have to individually be granted access?

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We still grant access to the ones wanting it. AFAIK, there is no current plan of opening all of them for newly registered users.

I have granted access for you now :)

Can I please have access to these features too?  I love the drag and drop feature and would love to include it in my course presentations!

thanks :)

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Of course - try now!

Can I also get access to the question set?

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Of course. Try now :)

Hi, is there anyway to get an 'open question' into the question set dropdown option, so we can create a quiz where the user can type answers?

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All of the Question Types currently available in Question Set have predefined wrong and correct answers. An open question will not. How do you think this would fit in? What should happen with the user's answer?

Could the option to have an open question without a pre-defined answer be built into the question set and perhaps just a 'typical/hint style answer' can appear when the user selects the 'solution' button. The H5P plugin might not be able to record the answer however those that use an LRS will be able to see the exact answer the user types into this field.

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Hi, there aren't any plans on integrating the open ended question into question set. However if you have a developer on hand, the code for open ended question can be found here:'s picture


I have been using h5p on and off for quite some time already.  It's a great tool set.  Thanks to the developing team.  I hope to explore more creative content.  Please may I have access to the restricted content types like drag and drop with images.  Thank you.

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Please visit the access to all content types page to gain access.

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

This is a request for access to all question types in Question Set. When trying to use this there is no option to choose a question type showing. If I need to set up the site differently such as reload the plug-in, I'd really like to make use of it. Thank you.

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Where are you creating your content? Are you creating them here in  I just checked Question Set and it is showing the content types that can be created within it.