Content not displaying at times

Hi there,

I am using your plugin on a Wordpress driven site (on a Wamp Server) that is hosted on the Amazon AWS Cloud. Lately I have noticed that the content displays at times and at other times doesn't appear. This pertains to the different content types - Accordion, Drag Text, Question Set. I have looked at the error console and found no error displayed. I checked the upload/h5p folder and it does contain files within the cachedassets and libraries folders. Why does the content appear and disappear from time to time?

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That's strange, I haven't heard of similar issues without any error messages. Can you find any pattern to when they do not show? E.g. right after saving etc. 

Sounds like the issue is only related to the content types that are inserted through an iframe. This could mean that the iframe is somehow reloaded after the content is inserted. This can happen if components are detached and then reattached to the page DOM, e.g. if you have another script on the page that uses jQuery's wrap() function or similar.
Are you running any other plugins or a special theme?

You should test in another browser to make sure that it isn't an browser extension or something like that.

Thanks for the swift reply. The site is using a custom bulit theme with a number of plugins. The layout of the page requires that the questions are witihin accordions as this is what was agreed in the design phase. I tried to add the questions to the h5p accordion but this would not work so I had to go with another accordion plugin from WonderPlugin Tabs. If this plugin is the culprit can you recommend another accordion that I might go with? Unfortunately as was agreed I need to keep the accordions on the page.

P.S - I had a look at the pages in question on a number of browsers and same issues cropped up. I also looked at the pages on an Ipad and although it occurred it wasn't as frequent.

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Most likely it's the accordion. You could try to rule it out by trying to insert content outside of the accordion.

Using different interactive content inside each other is usually an issue when the content types doesn't know of each other. Does the content appear if you resize your browser window?

No the content doesn't appear. I have looked at a drag text question that appeard initially. I refreshed the page and it then disappeared. The console error log has no error but the Network tabe now indicates that the wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets/4cb1e4949cf2e456e2b34c5c81a8e689ed152f63.js file has a status of Cancelled.

The file is there but for some reason the loading was cancelled.

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I have no idea why that file download was cancelled. If you give us an URL to a page where this can be seen, we might be able to help you.

Here is a link to one of the problematic pages -

This site is a learning site with the content in the Irish language. The most problematic part is accordion with the tag - A: Freagair na Ceisteanna (meaning - Answer the Questions)

 This tab contains a Question Set - sometimes it loads and other times it doesn't

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H5P unfortunately struggles when being loaded in a collapsed accordion. If you could keep that accordion open by default it probably would work. We will try to find a solution for this problem.

When H5P initializes it figures out how much height it can use. In this case it will be confused since a collapsed accordion has no height

I have removed the question set from the accordion and still it doesn't display. I have also added in a Fill in the Blanks question which loads without any problems. The question set is throwing up a range of libraries that have stlled when the page is loading:

  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/EmbeddedJS-1.0/js/ejs_production.js?ver=1.0.4
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/EmbeddedJS-1.0/js/ejs_viewhelpers.js?ver=1.0.4
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/Tether-1.0/scripts/tether.min.js?ver=1.0.2
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/Drop-1.0/js/drop.min.js?ver=1.0.2
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Transition-1.0/transition.js?ver=1.0.3
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-help-dialog.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-message-dialog.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-progress-circle.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-simple-rounded-button.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-speech-bubble.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-throbber.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-tip.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-slider.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-score-bar.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-progressbar.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.JoubelUI-1.2/js/joubel-ui.js?ver=1.2.10
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Question-1.2/scripts/question.js?ver=1.2.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.MultiChoice-1.7/js/multichoice.js?ver=1.7.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/flowplayer-1.0/scripts/flowplayer-3.2.12.min.js?ver=1.0.5
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Video-1.2/scripts/youtube.js?ver=1.2.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Video-1.2/scripts/html5.js?ver=1.2.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Video-1.2/scripts/flash.js?ver=1.2.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.Video-1.2/scripts/video.js?ver=1.2.1
  • /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.QuestionSet-1.8/js/questionset.js?ver=1.8.4

Also the CSS fails to lad with a list of h5p css files that have been canvcelled

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I suspect the accordion plugin you are using are removing and readding the h5p DOM element. If that's the case, I don't think there is anything H5P can fix.

Hi there,
I am still looking at this issue and will probably dispense with the accordion. Another query is with regards to traslating the Settings and Texts defaults. As the website is in Irish I am looking to have the text here in Irish by default e.g. instead of Check I would like Seiceáil etc.

I have looked at the post regarding the semantics files and have tried doing what is required but no joy. The only way I have found that I can change this is by changing the default semantics file and with regards to already created quizzes I have had to edit them in the parameters and filtered fields in the tg_h5p_contents database table.

I assume that I should be creating a sematics file for Irish which I have done but no luck with that. Do I need to pint to it somewhere?

As for the already created quizzes how do I change those - through the database tables???

I saw a similar issue, particularly with Question Sets, but saw it on a few other content types too, I think (across all browsers). When creating or editing a Question Set, no content would appear where you would add or edit the question text itself. That happened after the Wordpress administrator update the plugin but before I updated the Libraries to the latest update. Updating the library fixed that issue. Just FYI.