Moodle Plugin many content types not restrictable?


Thanks for all your work on H5P thus far :-)

I was just looking at the library list for the H5P Moodle plugin, I see there are ~100 items, only 32 of which are restrictable.

Assume much of this is due to editor being linked to content type i.e. can't retrict say "Course Presentation Editor" because its restricted by definition when "Course Presentation" type is restricted.

Are the other content types which can't be restricted "core" to the point they are fundamental and thus needed for H5P to function?

I'm asking as when we install H5P on our live envirnoment we will want to be careful about the addition of new (potentially untested) content types, which in the future could presumably come from a range of third parties, and would want to ensure we could control the addition of new low quality/early in development content types that could cause us support problems further down the line.

Assume much of this can be managed by activating the "Only update existing libraries" option which would presumably prevent any new library types being installed?



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Hi Alex,
Thank you for asking as this is a valid concern for people.

You should be able to restrict all content types that isn't a 'needed requirement' for another content type. Currently, this amounts to all the content types you can select when creating a new H5P. I.e. you will always be able to restrict any new content types that you can create from the form.

Sadly, this is not true for content types like 'Go To Slide' which is built into CP. In the future, however, we plan to make content type dependencies much more flexible, implementing so-called 'contracts' which will allow each site owner to customize which content types you can insert into each of your other content types, i.e. making the 'content type insertion toolbar' customizable for each compound content type.

I can assure you that any new content types that we add will be well tested.

I can understand the confusion from the 'library list' as it simply prints both content types and content type requirements. The dependencies should probably be put in a separate section or event be hidden by default as the site owner don't have to worry about these. I guess that they're there now simply for debugging purposes.

The 'Only update existing libraries' option will prevent the install of any new content type unless it's a 'needed requirement' for one of your existing content types. E.g. if the sliding part of the Course Presentation was to be split out into a separate 'Slider' content type which would be needed for Course Presentation to continue working. 

Let me know if you have further questions or if anything is unclear :-)