How to create a new content from external data

Hi everyone, I want to create a new content from external data (for example with drag text content type and data from an excel file). Who can help me or show me suggestion? Pleaseee

I have read source code of H5p plugin but I don't understand all. I find insertContent() function in public/class-h5p-wordpress.php and I tried with data created but it only insert data to wp_h5p_contents table, don't insert data to wp_h5p_contents_libraries => content type in a post doesn't work

And I find some function in admin/class-h5p-content-admin.php file but i don't know how to do

Someone can help me. Thank you very much=))

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Hi, there has been some interest in creating H5P content types programmatically:

I believe as long as you format the csv files to the structure of the semantic files you should be able to do it. It will require a bit of reverse engineering. A starting point could be looking at the textual editor in question set:

Thanks for your helping, timothylim23=)) I have solved it myself. But it seems stupid=(( I read data from excel, replace content json in .h5p and use phantomjs to upload file by programming.

I want to ask one more thing. Do you know: How does h5p check the result of content type(for example drag word content type) when you do. I ask this because I want to use content type to create an examination. There are many content type in per examination but h5p only check result of one content type. 

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Each content type has an internal way of checking the validity of the answers, they then call the x-api to push the data:

Would you mind elaborating what you want to do with step by step explanations?

I want to use h5p to make a examination online. Firstly, i have imported data to database. Next, I want to use content type to make questions in an examination. But h5p only check for one content type( one question ) and save result in database. So I want to figure out the way to check all question when click a button check. 

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Hi, have you tried looking at the xAPI documentation?