Updating Moodle 3.1

I've received an email saying up date but when I try I get this message in moodle

The system was unable to install the Interactive Video component from the package, it requires a newer version of the H5P plugin. This site is currently running version 1.7, whereas the required version is 1.9 or higher. You should consider upgrading and then try again.

So I tried manually updating and it says it's already installed.


Any suggestions?



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Make sure that you have the latest official version of Moodle from https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_hvp. When you have done it you can go in to the module overview page in the admin interface in Moodle and write here the information about "H5P" - "hvp plugin" ?

I have the same problem, the version number is different in my moodle page, so and I tried to upgrade my h5p moodle version, but I can´t. Moodle says that "this plugin version is already installed". However I have checked it out in the extensions manager and the number is the one of the previous version. I tried as well uploading the zip installation package and I get an error "this directory already exists".

The thing is that I work in the h5p page when creating material, and now I can´t use this material. 

Any suggestion?




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Can you go to: Site administration -> plugins -> plugins overview, and write what version your H5P/mod_hvp activity module is ? It should be 1.0-rc.3.

It seems like there is some conflict in the module versioning. Have you made any changes to the source code ? When did you first start experiencing this issue ? Have you tried reinstalling the plugin completely ?

Make sure the server has write permissions.