H5P & Learndash


I have a problem with H5P and using it in LearnDash. 

On my normal wordpress page H5P works but it don't work in Learndash. I can add it but when i refresh the page there's nothing to see. 

Is there somebody who can help me? Thanks in advance!



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Hi Janny, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with H5P in Learndash.  

Does the content display in the admin area(/wp-admin) after having created or uploaded it?
Are you only having issues when inserting the shortcode? If so, where are you inserting the shortcode?

If you open your web browser's console you might be able to see some error messages. Use Ctrl+Shift+J to open it in Chrome and then reload the page. Do you any messages in red? 

Hi Icc, 

Thanks a lot for your quick answer. 

Sorry, but i think i don't understand your first question; does the content display in the admin area (wp-admin) after having created or uploaded it. I can see the content while i created it in the H5P plugin. Then I get an shortcode and i add it in the Learndash ( module / subject). I can see the code but there's no H5P picture on the screen when i publish it. It it also not working when i add the H5P code with the button on the message on the module / subject. Is that what you mean?

I don't have any message in red. Also not in Chrome. 

I heard form LearnDash that i problably should install GrassBlade LRS and GrassBlade xAPI launcher. Is that right? If so, I can't find these plugins in the plugin store. 

Thanx in advance for your comment. 

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Ah, I see the issue is after inserting the shortcode. I'm assuming that you're only on one site(the same domain) and that you're not trying to use the shortcode across two different sites as this isn't possible.

I'm guessing that the issue is with the shortcode being placed somewhere dynamic. This means that the content is either loaded through AJAX or hidden when the page is loaded. E.g. if you place the shortcode inside the accordion plugin for WordPress, H5P won't know when the accordion is opened. The accordion must tell the H5P when it should display, and this requires the plugin to have H5P support. I'm guessing that the Learndash component you're inserting the H5P into doesn't know of H5P. To get around this the plugin must implement H5P support, or you'll need to create a custom plugin that fixes the issue.

As Learndash isn't open-source and you have to pay for it makes it difficult for me to check out the issue myself. 

GrassBlade is for advanced results tracking and not related to the H5P issue you're having. 


Thanks for your extensive answer. I really appreciate it! 

I think I sent Learndash again an e-mail with your comment. Maybe they have a solution. I hope so! 

Or, if there's someone else who had an option then I'd like to hear. 



Hi Janny,

I'm experimenting with H5P & LearnDash and so far it's been fine. Here's what worked for me:

1) In the All H5P section, I created an interactive video (by embedding a link to a video on my youtube channel, and adding quiz items). At the right there was a shortcode box; from there I copied [h5p id="1"]

2) I created a LearnDash lesson, pasted in the shortcode & clicked Update - that was it. I don't have anything from GrassBlade.

Maybe LearnDash has made some updates since you tried it? They were blogging about H5P at LearnDash (that's how I found out about H5P).

Good luck!


hI, Where did you insert t, Curt? I insert it into a question in the quiz but it doesn't show. However, if I insert it in a Topic, it does show. But I want to have it in a question... Any thoughts?  Regards

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Hello does anyone know if the H5P works with LearnPress and I am using the GeneratePress theme? 


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There is some information about using h5p with Learnpress on this page.

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Hello; my question relates to Lear-Press NOT Learndash. 

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That was Learn Press, excuse the typo.

Having said the above, if this is possible, do you have someone that could help me to install/configure and set it up? I did install it on the site, but do not know how to configure/set-up.  

For the past 6 hours I have been interviewing freelancers trying to hire someone and thus far it has NOT been a good experience as they are all trying to sway me to Articulate or Adobe and that is not what I want.

I have a 10 module course that I created in ppt and just want to enhance it a bit so that it is more engaging. I even put this link below on my job post attempting to make it easier for the freelancers. I also added one of the 10 modules which is nicely done, and still this has been a nightmare to get help. Any suggestions so that I can hopefully get my course completed? If I have it configured on my site I am wiling to try making my own enhancements


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Hi! Sorry, my mistake. It seems that Learn Press doesn't have very good support for h5p. If you want it, the best thing you can do is ask for it in their forums