how to view h5p inside in html


We download the content from the h5p portal

  • Extract the file in to the server specific location.
  • I need a help to view the file inside the HTML page or iframe.
  • is it possible to share the core php code to view  the h5p content.
  • i tested with the drupal its working file. in Drupal  i dont find any option to download the content as h5p package.

Please advise me on this. I really need your help in this.





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You're trying to view the content on a site without Drupal or Wordpress? That currently isn't possible, but you can embed it from a Drupal or Wordpress site. You may create it here on and embed it from here as well.

I have created a presentation for my work. We don't have access to Drupel, Moodle or WordPress. We only have our company server. I want this presentation to run from a CD so my students can take the lessons home to complete. Am I able to reference my presentation in an html page and have my students see the material?

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Hi, I don't think that running H5P's offline in the way that you want is possible yet. Do your students have access to the internet?

Yes, my students have access to the internet.

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Ok great. Perhaps you could make a presentation and lessons here on and then share the link with your students?