Moodle plugin isn't alerting a new version is available


We were running until this morning 1.0-rc.3 (2016092100) on our Moodle 2.9 site. However, the normal notification of a newer version being available was not presented to us in Moodle's plugin management UI (see attached image).

It was only when I came to update the h5p libraries from the h5p library page, and I was presented with a message saying that 2 tools could not be updated as they were on the wrong version, that I then went to check on to see if there was an update to the plugin (which there was, 1.0-rc 4). One I updated the plugin to 1.0-rc4 could I then successfully update the libraries.

I don't know if it was just a blip with our site, or a problem with 1.0-rc3 but it would appear that there is an issue with the plugin 'calling home' to's plugin directory for version checking.



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Hm, yes, I notice the same on my Moodle site. I cannot see anything apparent wrong and it seems a bit strange that it should be related to the plugin. I've created an issue for investigating this: HFP-232