Interactive Video: "Require full score" and adaptivity

I'm excited by the upcoming "Require full score for task before proceeding" feature, but I'm confused by why selecting that option disables the "Action on wrong" adaptivity feature. I want to use these features together so that if a user does not answer correctly, they are returned to the relevant section of the video and then must try the question/interaction when they reach it again. I also do not want the "Retry" button to be enabled automatically when "Require full score" is selected. We want the user to review the relevant content before trying the question again.

 Is it possible to make such things configurable by the content author so we are not locked into the current structure? 

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"Retry" is enforced when "Require full score for task before proceeding" is checked because there is no way to enforce that a "wrong adaptivity" is configured. In a case where "Require full score for task before proceeding" and "Retry" was disabled without a "wrong adaptivity" the user would be stuck in a state where his task is wrong, but he can not proceed because the task must be answered correctly and the "Retry" button is disabled.

As a result, and to decrease complexity, the "wrong adaptivity" and "retry" options are locked when the "require full score for task before proceeding" option is checked. I do see the use-case for your scenario which would be a very nice feature to have in certain contexts, however this is not a bug, it is by design. The current functionality of the feature would have to be changed in order to enable what you are describing, and this would introduce increased branching complexity to the Interactive Video content type.

- Thomas

That is disappointing, as it greatly reduces the utility of this new feature for us (and, in fact, defeats the purpose of why my client agreed to fund it in the first place). 

I understand the need for wanting to prevent content authors from "trapping" their learners, but I think the cost (elimination of the adaptive capabilities) is too high. This heavy-handed approach also seems inconsistent with other H5P content types, where the content authors are perfectly capable of not configuring the content correctly and thus rendering it meaningless or non-functional. For example, I can create a multiple-choice question that has no correct answer selected. Such errors usually get identified pretty quickly as soon as a learner goes through the content. 

Is there really no way to enforce that either a "wrong adaptivity" OR the "Retry" button is enabled? The logic of such code does not seem particularly complex, and the interface does not need to be particularly complex. Even just providing a pop-up message when "Require full score" is turned on could work: "When requiring full score for the task before proceeding, you MUST enable either the Retry button or the 'Action on wrong' adaptivity. If you don't, the learner would get stuck when making an incorrect response." Or, to be safe, you could even dynamically enable the "Retry" button when "require full score" is first enabled, but allow it to be disabled and provide a message like: "The Retry button has been enabled for this question. If you disable it, you should enable the 'Action on wrong' adaptivity or the learner will get stuck when making an incorrect response." 

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Hi spazfox,

It seems there were some misunderstandings here. Someone got the idea that "wrong adaptivity" had to be disabled in order for this new feature to work. I didn't know about this until now. It will be fixed and released as a hotfix today. Retry will still be enfoced, but ignored if a "wrong adaptivity" is present.

Will this be ok for you?

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Hotfix is out. Is it as you expected now?

Cool, thanks for the quick fix! It seems to be working as desired now, though the interface is a little confusing because the "Action on wrong" pane still disappears when enabling "Require full score" (it took me a few minutes to figure out I had to disable "Require full score" to enter the desired data into "Action on wrong" and then re-enable "Require full score").  The functionality remains if something was entered in the "Action on wrong" fields, though, which is what I'm most concerned about.

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I see that. It is of course not supposed to remove the field when require completion is enabled. Will be fixed tomorrow.

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This is quite embarrassing. We made two hotfixes yesterday. Due to a communication error only one were released. The other one (for the Interactive Video authoring tool) got out today. Now everything should be ok :)

All is good in the latest release. Thanks!

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