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Hello, and very sorry for my poor english.

H5P seems to be a great work, with great applications on learning. I project to creat a website with conferences. I have videos which present the image of the speaker + the slides. I have a .xml file which describes the time of each slide changing and the name of a still image of the slide ; the .xml is, for example :
<?xml version="1.0"?>


<ScriptCommand Time="0:0:0.0" Type="caption" Command="V_0000.jpg"/>

<ScriptCommand Time="0:0:5.239" Type="caption" Command="V_5239.jpg"/>

<ScriptCommand Time="0:0:9.871" Type="caption" Command="V_9871.jpg"/>

 Do you think there is a way to import this .xml file into H5P, to create directly markers ? The videos are long, and I cannot put manually markers into H5P...

Thank you in advance for your answers !



finally I made a little soft which extract the seconds from the XML, no problem with that.

BUT I have another problem.

when I try to use H5P... Well, I cannot. H5P is installed and activated in WordPress ; "H5P content" appears in the left menu ; "All H5P content" gives "No H5P content available. You must upload or creat e new content".

"Libraries" gives "here you can upload new libraries...". I have uploaded "618.h5p", 22 Mo ; I choose it ; its name appears next to "choose a file". When I click on "upload", the name disappears, replaced by "no file selected", but below the upload button, I see "N/A". Nothing more.

"Add New" gives a prompt ; I write "test" and I select "Create" ; I click on "Create" and it gives me "invalid library". Below I see a little drop down, with a "-" inside, and nothing else.

Sorry, I think I am doing wrong, but I don't understand...

Thank you for your help.

Oh very sorry for my multiples posts... the file 713.h5p (multiple choices) works perfectly. So I have a problem with interactive video. Can, you help me ? I think I saw a post from other user who described the same issue.

I use Chrome.

Ah, happy new year to all !

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Normally the problem with interactive video is limitations to how big files you may upload. 

This post is related to uploading big files and you may also install all our content types at once.

Hello, and thank you for your reply.

Finally I found a work around : I create a h5p file using your demo page, where I uploaded a small video file ! And I succeeded to download this file.

Now for the import of bookmarks : With the downloaded file, I found a file named "content.json" where I read ","bookmarks":[{"time":1.14,"label":"slide 1"},{"time":3.43,"label":"slide 2"},{"time":6.87,"label":"slide 3"},{"time":13.69,"label":"slide 4"}]}" That's fine ! Because I can automate the writing of bookmarks by editing this file ; but when I create a web page containing an interactive video, can you tell me where the file containing the bookmarksis stored, and what is its name? Another time sorry for my bad english... Best regards


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It's stored in your database, not in a file. I think the database table is named h5p_contents in wordpress and h5p_nodes in drupal

Thank you a lot. Your plug in is great.

Best regards