Content type Column is not added to Wordpress



We use H5P in wordpress, and last week we updated to the latest H5P version. When we wanted to use "Column" it was not possible to choose as a content type. Did we misunderstand the release notes? Or is there something else wrong?




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Hi, which version are on right now?

I installed WP this summer, don't know which version. However I updated the WP version today to 4.6.1–sv_SE, as I thought that could be the problem for the missing content type column. But the upgrade did not solve the problem.

I am using the latest version of H5P: 1.7.6


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Would you be able to check the 'Libraries' page' and see if column's there?

You should be able to navigate to it from the sidebar, H5P Content > Libaries 

It says:

The version you're running is from 2016-08-02.
The most recent version was released on 2016-11-23.

Will updating the library cause any problems for our H5P content we already have? We are using hundreds, don't want to loose any saved work...

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Updating the entire library will not affect your existing H5P's. It will give you access to the new content types and the ability to upgrade the individual libraries.

Only when the individual libraries are updated does the data change. But we have tested it from our end and the upgrade scripts have worked fine.


Should I "Rebuild cache"?

"Not all content has gotten their cache rebuilt. This is required to be able to delete libraries, and to display how many contents that uses the library.

139 contents needs to get their cache rebuilt."


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Hi, if you don't need to delete any libraries, you won't need to rebuild the cache.

If you have the time, could you try following the wordpress instructions on this page:


Thank you very much! The link with instructions worked!

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You're very welcome!