Timeline - Google Maps and Vimeo


I'm having some issues with the Google Maps and Vimeo assets in the timeline. I've tried different ways of setting the URL but it doesn't seem to work, when you view the tiemline a loading box appears and the assets never load. The rest of the asset types work fine (image, youtube, soundcloud).

I created a timeline here in H5P.org and I'm experiencing the same issues with Maps and Vimeo.  You can see the example here:  https://h5p.org/node/37999


I tried to use the URL from the address bar, the one from the embed code, the complete iframe, different videos and maps but I can't get it to work.

The setup of my site is Drupal 7, H5P 7X -1.21, Libraries 7.x- 2.3

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! The issue with Google Maps is that they've come with a new version of their API and the old one used by TimelineJS seems to have been disabled and removed by Google. This causes TimelineJS to crash all interactions on the page when trying to use Google Maps

TimelineJS is a 3rd party library that someone created an H5P wrapper for a couple of years ago. Since then a new version of TimelinjeJS, that is very different, has been released. The old version used by H5P has not been updated to avoid people having to alter all of their timelines.

There will be some work involved in making the old version use the new map API and since there is a new version of TimelineJS I don't think anyone wants to invest the time. The best thing, for now, is probably to just disable the Google Maps support and avoid using it.

I tried copy pasting a Vimeo URL and that should work, however, if you are using a Google Maps URL in the same timeline that might break the Vimeo embed. Let me know if you can't get Vimeo working without Google Maps.

Thank you for pointing out the issue.

I see, thanks for the quick reply!

Vimeo works just fine without the Google Maps link, we'll stay away from them for now.