H5PEditor Radio-Selector text bug

The H5P Editor radio selector does not properly select the Group field title for the radio-button selector text. It uses the first “simple” field it finds inside the Group field set. I've attached the Radio Selector Bug Demo shown in this image:

I've done some investigation. The radio selector widget selects the radio-button value by searching on 'class="h5peditor-label"'. The Group field title does not use this class.

I've identified two possible options for fixing this:

  1. Make the radio selector widget search for classes used by both the “simple” fields (e.g., number and text”) and the Group field
  2. Update the Group field title to use the same class as other fields

Both options are straightforward.

Solution for Option 1:
In file: h5p/libraries/H5PEditor.RadioSelector-1.0/radio-selector.js
Change line 122 from:
   var label = $(this).find('.h5peditor-label').eq(0).html();
   var label = $(this).find('.h5peditor-label,.title').eq(0).html();

Solution for Option 2:
In file: h5p/modules/h5peditor/h5peditor/scripts/h5peditor-group.js
Change line: 237 from:
   this.$group.children('.title').html('' + summaryText + '');

Option 1 is simplest, but may not scale. It is probably not desirable to have to update the radio-selector widget for every variation that comes along.

Option 2 seems a better solution because it enforces a field labelling standard. It would also require CSS updates.

H5P file: 

After exploring this issue I believe the solutions I proposed are not the best.

The real issue is the widget is not using the labels defined in semantics.json. I've opened an issue at https://github.com/h5p/h5p-editor-radio-selector/issues/1 to discuss and have a solution I can submit as a pull request.

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Good job in fixing this bug! :)