Question about privacy of interactive content created on H5P site


I have a question about the relative privacy and security of interactive content created on the H5P site. If I create content on the H5P site, is that content accessible to anyone on the Internet? Is there a space on the site where one can search across all content created on H5P? Or would one have to know the URL and enter it directly into the browser in order to access it? I'd much prefer if users could only find my H5P content on the site in which I am embedding my H5P questions, as opposed to being able to come to the H5P site and search for it here.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions about my question!



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Hi Tom,

Any content published on, is publicly available on the internet, and indexed by search engines (like google). So anyone can find you content, see it, and interact with it.

If you need to keep your content private, you need to have your own installation of Drupal, WordPress or Moodle, and install the h5p plugin there. Then you can use the buildt in security in those systems, to restrict access to you content.

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- Tom Arild

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I see now that content I created in can be found using Google Search, thank-you for the heads up. I also have a Wordpress installation/plug-in of H5P. If I create a new item using the Wordpress plug-in, but do not use the shortcode or embed code on a published page anywhere on my site, is it still possible for someone to find that H5P item? Is an extra layer of privacy/security required?


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It wouldn't be available publicly if it's behind a login wall.

By the way, will be launching later this year, and will provide hosting of private h5p's.

- Tom

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Actually, you can still use the embed code to put your content public. I would recommend disabling the embed option if the content is to be completely restricted.

- Tom