Translation for "Total" not changing on the summary slide

Hello, I am trying to change the value of "Translation for Total" in the "Text overrides and translations" settings. When I change the default value "Total" into something else, it does not change on the summary slide of my quiz. I am sure I have the right setting because the word "Total" is in no other setting.

Do I miss something? Can I force the change somewhere in XML / JSON? Is there any other solution?

I added screenshots of the summary slide and the setting


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I confirm the bug which I tracked to file H5P.CoursePresentation-1.14 -> semantics.json line 338: "name": "Total" should be "name": "total". Lowercase "t" instead of Uppercase "T".

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Thanks. The fastest way to get this implemented would be to submit a pull request for Course Presentation.
I have created an issue for it at where you can follow along the progress.

- Thomas

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I think this fixes it:
(Ignore the css thingy I did, I reverted it)

Note that unmatching capital / non-capital default values across languages is not part of this fix.