No score at end of interactive video?

How do I get a score at the end of my interactive video?

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Good question. This is a missing feature in Interactive Video. The score is stored and also sent via xAPI, but it isn't any GUI there for representing it. If you have access to programmers it shouldn't be very hard to create a simple gui for representing the score at the end of the video.
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+1 :-)

or has someone achieved this already? 

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What do you have in mind? What do you think would be a good way of showing the score?

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Hey! I don't have a good connection right now, but there is already a summary quiz option at the end of interactive video. (Third tab in the editor - there is a summary screen after the user completes the summary quiz, and then there is a score displayed - unfortunately only for the summary quiz)

Sharing the scores would be very good imho! (I think it is also already implemented in the summary screen.)

I can check it later in detail :-) 

@m_andrasch ;-)

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Right, I've never used the summary screen, but it's there :-) And of course, I know who calls himself Programmieraffe ;-)